JHB Thanksgiving Sunday Service Pastor Tola Odutola 02-2014JHB Thanksgiving Sunday Service 03-02-2014JHB Sunday Service with 50th Birthday Thanksgiving 03-16-2014JHB Thanksgiving Sunday Service with pastor peter balogun 04-2014JHB Thanksgiving Sunday Service Ground Breaking 06-01-2014JHB Sunday Service with Pastor Kofo 06-29-2014JHB Sunday Thanksgiving 07-08-2014JHB Family Picnic 07-08-2014JHB Sunday Service Business Expo 06-2014JHB Subduing the 95 Acres of land 2014FIRST SUNDAY SERVICE 2014FIRST SUNDAY SERVICE PART II 2014JHB Sunday Service with pastor Bolaji Idowu 08-17-2014JHB Sunday Service with Pastor OnuzuJHB Thanksgiving Sunday Service 11-02-2014jhb sunday service with pastor Runsawe and Adebule 12-14-2014JHB Last Sunday Service 12-28-2014

This group will be available through April 07, 2014. Remind me again later