jhb thanksgiving sunday service 01-04-2015jhb Sunday Thanksgiving Service 02-01-2015jhb sunday service with Dotun Dada 40th Birthday Thanksgiving 01-26-2015jhb sunday service with pastor Bunmi Banjo 02-08-2015jhb sunday service with pastor Femi 02-15-2015JHB sunday service with Olumide Fadina 50th 02-22-2015JHB sunday thanksgiving service 03-01-2015jhb jewels women of substance 03-07-2015jhb sunday service with rev Sola Kolade 03-15-2015jhb sunday service with money matters and lifegroup 03-29-2015jhb African International Day 04-05-2015rccg leaders impacting lives 05-10-2015jhb sunday service with pastor B 04-19-2015jhb thursday money matters part ii 04-23-2015jhb sunday thanksgiving for pastor kofo odutola 50th birthday 05-10-2015jhb saturday pastor kofo 50th birthday party 05-09-2015pastor kofo 50th birthday party 05-09-2015jhb sunday thanksgiving with pastor kofo 50th birthday part iii 05-10-2015jhb sunday thanksgiving service 06-05-2015jhb prayer conference with pastor Sola Olowookere 06-26-2015jhb sunday service wedding thanksgiving with Bimbo Taiwo 05-23-2015jhb sunday service with pastor Sola Olowokere 06-28-2015JHB Homegoing Dr. Ejemeh Okojie 07-18-2015jhb sunday service with birthday thanksgiving 07-19-2015jhb sunday thanksgiving service 08-02-2015jhb sunday service with deacon segun daramola 08-16-2015jhb friday fusion and sovereign army townhall 08-21-2015jhb sunday service with deacon sola laniyi 08-30-2015jhb 18th anniversary and thanksgiving sunday service 09-06-2015jhb sunday service with pastor bunmi banjo 09-27-2015jhb sunday service with pastor appreciation day 10-25-2015jhb sunday service with pastor kofo odutola 10-18-2015jhb O give thanks comedy night 11-20-2015jhb sunday service with SA Impact 12-13-2015jhb sunday thanksgiving service with pastor kofo odutola 12-06-2015jhb christmas breakfast 12-25-2015jhb sunday service with pastor bunmi banjo 12-27-2015